Restaurant Williamsburg

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Paul’s Deli Restaurant in, Williamsburg, Virginia, (Located right across the street from the College of William and Mary, and just a few blocks from the Colonial Williamsburg historic area.) has been owned and operated by George and Peter Tsipas for several years and over that time we’ve learned that the secret to pleasing our customers doesn’t just lie with the great food that we provide. Here at our restaurant, we’re looking to serve our customers differently from your typical deli. Instead of opening the traditional counter, where customers wait in silence for their turn to order, we opt for a more upbeat, friendly atmosphere where individuals or families can sit down and enjoy their meals properly. We do this because we believe that eating on the go is something that nobody should have to do, especially with sandwiches as enjoyable as ours.

Our servers are efficient enough to make all of this possible, without taking away from your busy schedule. Rest assured that though we look like a restaurant, we’re still a deli at heart. This means that your food will be served with an efficiency that only experienced delis can provide.  Either way, we guarantee that you’ll be thrilled by our mouth-watering selection at affordable rates.